Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Glider Pro - Mac

The most eclectic and magical shoot'em'up ever released. Glider Pro sees you guide a lone paper aircraft on an unknown quest through the vastness of an empty mansion. Buoyed by the occasional gust from an air vent, perturbed by the vagaries of a fan and downright terrified by the prospect of a paper shredder: making your way through this prison is a constantly challenging experiance; with each room offering new obstacles, enemies and puzzles. Included was a powerful level editor which helped spawn a thriving community of interior designers giving Glider Pro a deep reservoir of fan based content; there was even an electronic periodical "Glider Tech" which reviewed new houses, provided construction tip, articles and editorials. The heyday of Glider Pro was in the mid nineties but there is still an active online community and the legacy of a game this endearing will surely last a lifetime.

Download from John Calhoun's Homepage
Wikipedia Article
Slumberland: Glider Fansite
Glider Yahoo Group

The older Glider 4.0 (also a classic) is available for PC as well as Mac. All later editions of Glider Pro were designed for Mac OS 9 and X; with the level editor only available on OS 9. Since the publishers of Glider Casady & Greene went bankrupt the author John Calhoun has made all versions of the game freely available from his website.

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