Saturday, 12 July 2008

Princess Maker 2 - PC

Every parents dream: to give birth to royalty and execute total maniacal control over every facet of their daily life! Enter the cloistered world of Princess Maker 2 (just one of a long line of Japanese Regal Nurturing Simulators: although no others have been translated into English): you play the role of one such arch-manipulator and must plan out the day to day schooling and activities of your little princess right down to the silliest minutiae. Feed her too much cake and lo she will expand in girth, feed her to little and she will quietly waste away. Activities range from the dreaded unwanted drama lessons to music, art, science, strategy, swordplay (you can raise her to become a serious fighting machine), etiquette, magic, cooking and much more besides. She can take up employment in all manor of sectors: anything from babysitting to grave digging. I believe my first Princess (Pupalopdorix Baramundi) became a part time Mason / Cabaret Act and a Grand Master in Baking and Protocol. The possibilities are almost endless; in fact there are some seventy endings. Naturally parenting wouldn't mean a thing unless there were a plethora of equally spoilt snooty faced weeners with which to compete.

My arch nemesis was the girl on the bottom left: Wendy Lachesis. She acts sweeter than syrup but is actually a total bitch!!

You will be seeing a lot of this screen and yes Lumberjacking is an option!

The dreaded cake. Watch your waist!

Download from the Underdogs
Download from Abandonia
Nuriko's Princess Maker 2 Webpage
Background Story: Explaining why this game was never officially released.

This is another classic Beta Leak which was doomed never to make it onto the shelves after publisher IntraCorp went bankrupt. Fortunately a lot of good work was all ready done on the translation by SoftEgg and this almost flawless version made its way onto the net.

Oooh that BITCH!!!

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