Thursday, 22 January 2009

BS F-Zero 2 Grand Prix - SNES

The original F-Zero on the SNES...ahhhhh. Those funky beats, ridiculous lack of a multiplayer mode, hermetically tight bends and the thrill of manically boosting yourself (is this a euphemism?) into oblivion. Truly the crown prince of futuristic racing games (although I have a soft spot for Top Gear 3000). However there was an expansion of sorts released via the Nintendo Satellaview service (essentially a modem you blobbed onto your SNES) which an aspiring Nipponese speedster could download for a fee and access, a not to be sniffed at, whole new league (5 tracks). These are very well designed (by the same team that brought you the classics) and happily cohabit the canonical leagues of the original game.

Article on the Satellaview at Assembler
BS F-Zero 2 Grand Prix Video at Youtube
BS F-Zero 2 World Records!
Download ROM at Edge
F-Zero Fansite - F-Zone

While on the topic of F-Zero a jazz remix album was crafted by some Japanese band. It is even better than the 16bit soundtrack (I know: heresy). Its full of ludicrous sax solos and melodious space bistro stupidity. Download from Kingdom Hearts Insider.

If you were a fan of F-Zero (and if you aren't then you should leave this website and become a troglodyte, i.e a web user without the internet connection), you owe it to yourself to play this delicious F-Zero morsel, baked with all the cuisine and care of the original.

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