Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Uplink - PC / Mac / Linux

Have you ever dreamt of being the fat guy from Jurassic Park? The straggly haired loser from the X-Files? Or the delusional chump from Goldeneye? Well that wait is over. Uplink simulates the action-packed life of a computer hacker without the tedium of paranoia, programming skills etc. As you inveigle your way through corporate data enclaves, deleting files willy-nilly, manufacturing fake logs and absconding with company credits you'll slowly progress up the underworld ranks earning the virtual-respect of your peers and unlocking juicy high-profile missions. Later, as you recline on your swivel-chair after a hard days (w)hacking, thoughts turn to the delightful romance of computer upgrades and many a credit will be spent on gateway mods, RAM and helpful software (torrents?!) However don't expect to be warped suddenly into a TRONlike wonderland: your OS is distinctly quick and dirty and no amount of processor power can simulate acting skills as feeble as Keanu Reeves'.

. . .  and all this just to spy on a friends Facebook account.
. . . and all this just to hide your sordid search history.

Download Demo from Homepage
Download Bonus Disc (Soundtrack, Wallpapers etc)
Premier Mod Site 
Cyberpunk Review Article
Fassbinder's Welt am Draht (good movie about programming)

Uplink is one of a minute pool of hacking games and is easily the best. With the option of an overarching story or freelance gameplay, unique interface and excellent techno soundtrack you may wonder why hacking isn't a more popular pastime. Then you watch Jurassic Park and remember why.


  1. Thanks for the links, I didn't know the Bonus CD was available for free. I started to play this game a few days ago. I found it after Darwinia and I love it :)