Saturday, 5 September 2009

Policenauts - Sega Saturn / PS1/ 3DO / PC-98

 Homage to Blade Runner = Good Idea / Homage to Lethal Weapon = Bad Idea

If there's one thing the Japanese love above all other things in the universe its a special police unit: not a normal police unit remember, but a special division seperate to the conventional force; one perhaps involved in the piloting of an experimental flotilla of combat Wanzers or the covert investigation of an insipid attempt by alien deamons to controll neo-tokyo by winning a highschool fashion show. Within said unit there will be a fat character, a naive female hotshot, a butch (or attractive ice-cow), a straight character (who is actually insane) and a charcter with shades: garnished with a smattering of mysterious pasts and witheringly inane childhood memories.

From the same team that brought you the cult Mega-CD classic Snatcher (concerning a special Junker division of the Neo-Kobe policeforce used to combat the snatcher menace) comes Policenauts: concerning a special division of the terrestrial police force sent to inforce traffic regulations onboard "Beyond Coast" mankinds first fully functioning(?) space colony. Despite the usual anime bunkum this game exudes quality with a sensational space jazz soundtrack and some classy direction from everyones favorite bioroid: Hideo Kojima.

Download OST (fantastic space cyber sax soundtrack madness)

Recently a full English PS1 translation patch was released by to coincide with Hideo Kojimas 46th birthday (24th of August). This ranks as perhaps the most anticipated English game translation since Secret of Mana 2 and having taken some three years to accomplish the script is of a high quality and the patch bug free. There has never been a better time to forsake your conventional police unit!

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  1. I need directions.
    Someone call the police!!!
    No wait...
    Someone call the special division
    (And that's is how i ended up in hell)