Monday, 28 July 2008

King of Dragon Pass - PC / Mac

King of Dragon Pass is a mixture of text adventure, resource management, strategy, god-sim and RPG: all set in the popular fantasy setting of Glorantha. Released in 1999 and nothing short of an anachronism, KoDP is purely represented with lavish 2D backgrounds and text.

Have you ever wanted to be in charge of a warrior tribe? Have you ever wistfully looked over the hills...dreaming of adventure? Have you ever eaten feta cheese on the back of a blubbery whale?
Are these ridiculous questions going to lead to some sort of resounding recommendation to play this game? Yes!

The days before Gillette.

"To the winner go the the loser only the knowledge of defeat"
(and maybe an injury).

Shake dem bones (what a pitifull comment).

Greater Crab Deamon vs Minotaur Champion!
Note: it has eyes on stalks and eyes on its face.

This game was made for the thoughtful fantasist. A person who doesn't need their imagination pre-packaged. A person who with irony in mind can gleefully inhabit a world populated by duck headed peons (if you find yourself without this irony I would consider seeking help). Good software, like good literature, art, music etc is a prompt for the imagination. It is the quality of this prompt that often makes a classic. This world of mind that good art conjures, is besides tangible themes and ideas, the most important thing it can offer. Until this aspect of software is considered paramount in development and reviews; there can be no such thing as software as an art form: only as entertainment (whatever that is) or at best as a technical exercise.

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Another Fansite
Wikipedia Article
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Ok...ok...hold the waffle! There are both PC and Mac versions of this game and they are identical. If you are looking for a game that hearkens back to the real old days of PC gaming but with some of the pizazz modern computers can offer and don't mind using that musty old imagination you've got up their somewhere; you needn't surf further than this page.

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