Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Typing of the Dead - PC / Dreamcast

How fast could Schwarzenegger type? I doubt those muscle bound rookers could have approached 60wpm. If this is indeed the case then the greatest action hero of our time is probably a zombie by now! Perhaps Jackie Chan could have done better, but then his fingers have been broken so many times. The world expects a new generation of champions to step forth: stenographers the world is yours! In a vast improvement to the original lightgun concept: Typing of the Dead gets more than just your trigger finger working, as you type one frenzied nonsensical sentence after another in a desperate effort to hold back the undead hordes. The one thing missing is targeting...if you could only somehow aim your keyboard. The ridiculous phrases are the perfect anathema to the C-movie acting and plot. It's almost like shooting, I mean typing your way through an Ed Wood movie!

Download from Megaupload

This was released originally for Dreamcast and then later made a welcome appearance on the PC. Now you can pass your basic IT course and really accomplish something. The keyboard is truly mightier than the shotgun!

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