Monday, 7 July 2008

Tyrian 2000 - PC

The emperor of shoot'em'ups. Lets talk: countless levels (including multiple paths and secret levels galore), oodles of game modes including a phenomenal plot based epic saga transmitted through data cubes scattered throughout the universe (also rather amusing), fully customizable ship which you improve at the local shop with the money you've accrued through the obliteration of enemies; hundreds of novel weapons (many with eleven different power modes), ships, shield systems, power generators and special technologies, more bosses than ten other shoot'em'ups combined (including a giant space nose) and a fantastic soundtrack. Eat that t-typo, coton didgeridoo and all those other lamentable console bore fests. This game has the meat of a PC space combat simulator but with the twitch gameplay of an arcade coin muncher!

Download from Abandonia
Tyrian 2000 Fansite

In summary this is the best vertical scrolling shooter ever made. Can be a trifle narky to get to work on Windows XP. I suggest using DOS-Box or VDM-Sound.

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