Monday, 18 August 2008

3 in Three - Mac *Masterpiece*

'There is no number 3 in Three'

3 in Three by Cliff Johnson is the best puzzle game ever made (with one possible exception...his earlier masterstroke: The Fools Errand). Welcome to a peculiar alien landscape ruled my letters, curious symbols and the omnipresent letter legislator. You are a typical number 3 (female) exiled from your spreadsheet during an unusual power surge and sent spiralling into the bowels of the computer. Your quest is to make the tortuous journey back to the desktop; through fields of binary digits, warped tesseracts and garbled symbolic crossroads: while all the time pandering the ludicrous machinations and cryptic jabberings of dollar signs, question marks, self important full stops and of course the letters.

Your so-called friends.


Logic Grid

Linguistic Blackjack

Alphanumeralogical Codes

Between each puzzle is often a short cut scene where the true jumbled nature of communication is revealed and journeying ever deeper into the darkest recesses of the machine you come to realise that mathematics and language are not as different as they seem. Essentially 3 tries to tame the ambiguity of language with the rigours of mathematical logic while questing for a personal identity outside the rigid framework of number theory. All in a days work.

Cliff Johnsons Homepage
Home of the Underdogs Entry

A truly sublime game that will take give you many enjoyable evenings: puzzling contentedly into the night. It only ever recieved a release on the Mac but by using the excellent (and free) Mac Classic emulator for PC: Executor (donwload links and serial codes available on Cliff Johnson's site) the game can reach those who like their bread butter side up.

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