Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Lunar Pool - NES

When man first established a permanent moon base in 2053, everyone forgot to bring their board games and sports equipment (lots of people said they would but didn't...typical!). Bereft of entertainment (until the space elevator was completed) the intrepid frontiers folk crafted their own unholy muddle of mini-golf and billiards and thus Lunar Pool was born!


I) When playing pool on any planetary satellite you must wear futuristic headgear at all times and all clothing must have pink embroidery!

II) You start with 3 balls and the game ends when you complete all 255 space tables (this is not a typo).

III) Both players must stipulate friction levels before the match (a nice feature).

"Yes. The moon is pink and this is how we do things here!"


Download from Edge Emulation
Wikipedia Article
Play Online (ersatz)

Lunar Pool was originally released on the NES with later emulations available online and on Virtual Console. Non-stick frying pans, edible toothpaste and now this: who says nothing useful ever came from the space program?!

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