Friday, 4 July 2008

Fuzzys World of Miniature Space Golf - PC


Miniature Golf is good fun; but like most things in life it could be better. How about playing it in space...hmm. With aliens....hmmmm. With anti-gravity devices, cosmic junk and robots! Yes!!! In fact compare our modern technological utopia with the ignorant diease ridden miasma of the past and we can see clearly that most human endevours contrary to the laws of entropy acutally improve with time. Thus my only fault with this game is that it wasnt set even further into the future.

I wonder if the Fuzzy in question is Fuzzy Zoeller, the American golfer. Perhaps he was cryogenically frozen?

The same way some world class snooker players enter snooker championships every now and again I wonder if Tiger Woods et all ever enter mini-golf championships?

When will the first space mini-golf course open? An astronaut has allready played a drive off the ISS. The first mini-golf course will probably be on the moon but I doubt will feature high on the government agenda. I guess sometime from 2070-2090. So in the meantime you better play this.

Download from Abandonia

This is easily my favorite golf game (yes this is much better than conventional space golf). Upto 4 players! Only ever released for PC. Needs DOS-BOX to run. The future is now!

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