Monday, 6 April 2009

Star Lords - PC

"The loremasters call it Orion and it is written in legend that he who masters Orion masters the universe."

Released as a pitch to publishers (MicroProse) by Steve Barcia and SimTex software, Star Lords is the protean sibling of the Master of Orion franchise. It naturally resembles MOOI closely but has some interesting touches not seen in its elder brother; i.e less of everything. However to those who have logged hours too innumerable to mention playing the later games, it does offer something of a treat and my previous statement is not strictly true. There are a few technologies that didn't make it, some tweaked alien races, new (read:old) diplomacy model and I noticed that planets are threatened by comets and not meteors! Labelling it a beta leak is also something of a disservice as it is a fully realised game with considerable depth and polish: refreshing even the most jaded MOO addict.

The first appearance of the infamous Klackons!

"I want nothing but retro engines equipped on this starship."
"Prepare to boldly go backwards!"

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Baldrov's Palace

Made available in 2001 in preparation for the upcoming MOO3: Star Lords, for me, is more than just a historical curio. For those who thought they had done everything MOO related it is a boon, for others it is an illuminating fossil find (evolution of game mechanics and so forth) and for the rest, a fun space strategy game: hinting at a 4x series that would expand to eclipse all others.

"Total war with the Klackons and to hell with the galactic alliance!"

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  1. Excellent review - I have a feeling that the Klackons have more in common with the Modern Scots than one might have thought. DB