Monday, 7 July 2008

Top Gear 3000 - SNES

Now the first two Top Gear games for the SNES were very worthy 16bit racers; tons of tracks, car upgrades, fantastic soundtracks and more besides, but when all is said and done driving around Sheffield (despite being something akin to a dystopia) was just a little mundane. Enter Top Gear 3000! Released in the twilight of the 16bit era, this racing game pushed the SNES to the limit of its powers. Everything good about the previous two games was amplified and futurised a hundred times: yes! More tracks, technologies, weapons, even better music (one of the best game soundtracks ever) and even a four player split screen mode...all set in the year 3000!

Your career as a cosmic speed freak takes you through many a fantastical alien solar system replete with otherworldly weather conditions and gravities. In between races news flashes keep you up to date with the latest technologies, which you skimp and save for with your hard earned galactic credits. When played in career mode with two players this game becomes a multiplayer extravaganza which no other racing game can match. The speed, the terrible roar of my hypersonic engine, the alien megalopolis flicking madly past my window, the sounds of space funk bleating from my stereo...if this was the year 3000 I would have passed my driving test by now!

Download from Pants Emulation
Download Soundtrack from SNES Music

This game was only successfully emulated in the past year and requires the very latest version of zSNES. Top Gear 3000 makes George Lukas' beloved podrace seem like a drive to the garden center with grandma!

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