Saturday, 15 November 2008

Fire Electric Pen - N64

Some games are born ridiculous, some achieve ridiculousness and some have ridiculousness thrust upon them: with Fire Electric Pen it was all three. You are tasked with the guidance of said pen through a sequence of bewilderingly difficult electrically charged mazes: touch a wall and kerzaapp! its back to the start. This sounds difficult enough, but add a painfully ambitious time limit and a frenzied Japanese commentator howling rabid expletives at your every microdeviation and you have a challenge of herculean proportions. Indeed within the bowels of the later levels you better be sure you are capable of accuracy to within femtometers and have the wrought iron nerves of a walrus!

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A more accurate translation of the Japanese title (Ucchan Nanchan no Hono no Challenge: Denryu Ira Ira Bo), Ucchannanchan's Challenge of Fire: Electric Pen of Nervousness, reveals that this ludicrous challenge has been set by one despicable Ucchannanchan who happens to host a cult gameshow in his native Nippon (the concluding part hinging upon penmanship and the pursuit of 1 million yen). At heart this is a wonderfully glorified public domain game and deserves some belated cult status.


  1. I created an FAQ for this game with option translation etc.

  2. Nice work. I've never known anyone to have completed it. P.S. Here's a link to the offending gameshow.