Friday, 5 September 2008

Quiz & Dragons - Arcade

You would think challenging a Black Pudding to a pub quiz would result in dreadful embarrassment for said Pudding...not so! It appears he has an almost limitless database of knowledge on American T.V shows of the fifties, baseball statistics and capital cities (why on earth wasn't this mentioned in the Monstrous Manual!), indeed the same can be said for; Troglodytes, Trolls, Bugbears, Owlbears, Wyverns, Werebadgers and many more of your favorite fantasy denizens.

The moment I saw this game I knew there was still true genius at work in the world! Travelling various fantasy maps via the role of die and engaging its ludicrous inhabitants in a battle of trivia. Along the way you may stop off at an inn where you can heal your wounds (yes...answer wrongly and you receive not only the shame of being outsmarted by a Kobold but actual physical damage...indeed you can die from not knowing the full names of all lead roles in Golden Girls) or perhaps meet a friendly elf who may bestow upon you a powerful magical artifact. Eventually after slaying the seven most mightiest dragons in the land you go on to duke it out in a test of wits with the irksome arch-deamon Gordian.

Only one of these characters looks particularly studious!

What a wonderful, wonderful world.

Surprisingly astute for a slime.

"For centuries have I guarded this treasure against the folly of mortals, you're fate will be no different from others. PREPARE TO MEET YOUR MAKER...Who was the star of Good Morning Vietnam?!"

Download from Emu Asylum
Article at SydLexia
Wikipedia Entry
Technical Info from System 16

Not all of the questions require you to have been born in small town America circa 1940, in fact there are a few rather excellent categories; such as mythology, literature and science. For this reason I would pick as my choice of character, the Wizard, as his special ability allows him on occasion to change to a more interesting branch of question. This game was originaly released at the Arcades and of course came be emulated on MAME; and later has made an appearance as part of the second installment of Capcom Classics for the PSP and PS2. Heartaly reccomended this to anyone who likes quizzes and dragons (and who doesnt!?)!

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