Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Hyper Marbles - Megadrive

When little Timmy brought his beloved Steely, passed down to him from dear-old Granddad, into school that day, little did he realise that the game of marbles had moved on noticeably since Granddads time. No sooner had he emptied the pouch of his most precious marbles than the new Japanese exchange student came trundling violently down the hard concrete of the playground atop a gigantic armoured battle wagon: promptly atomising his precious collection under its iron shod wheels and with jet booster engaged hurled little Timmy into a row of ultra-high voltage electric fencing: where he and his maudlin dreams of a becoming school marble champion were vaporised.

Download from Edge Emulation
Article at Moby Games
You Tube Sample
Soundtrack from Project 2612

Hyper Marbles is a very necessary futuristic take on the quotidian playground activity: whereby you steer your 2 ton jet powered marble around the confines of a battle arena: attempting to smack the opposing marble drivers into the oblivion of the surrounding fencing. In one player mode you will face marbles of various sizes; from fly weight to super-heavy, navigate environmental hazards and ponder eclectic battlefield configurations. Even more fun is two player mode where wits are inevitably pitted against your neighbouring advanced biological A.I. Playing marbles always seemed like a bit of a waste of a lunch break to me but once transposed to the cyberpunk battlefields of the future it takes on an entirely new lustre: if only some aspiring software house would do the same with conkers.

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