Thursday, 1 July 2010

F-Zero VS - SNES

"Does this game have a multi-player option?" Those chilling words still strike me with dread: how many fine games have simply fallen by the wayside on account of this omission. F-Zero's lack of multi-player support is the stuff of legends (ok my stuff of legends): I have been waiting for over 20 years to play this against my friend and now, thanks to this program, the most anticipated race in all galactic history (yes my galactic history) is about to take place!

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F-Zero VS is a talented mixture of ROM hack, emulator extension (SNES9x) and network code: enabling up to four players to compete across the full gamut of tracks. So many of these projects fail due to a lack of rigour and a quite understandable overoptimism. This is not some half-done pointless re-working of the original...this is the real deal and a substantial contribution to humanity. Alfred Nobel...are you listening?!

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